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New Flat Weight Solution

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

We have recently developed and produced a simple new way to assuring your market umbrellas are weighed down appropriately. The new Flat Weight system is capable of providing up to 75kg of added weight to the base of the umbrella and is supported by high quality, nylon molded feet with a 350kg weight rating per foot. A special insert in the base of the foot also helps to absorb vibration and means your umbrella base will stay exactly where you put it.

The Flat Weight system was first introduced late last year to a well-known restaurant chain and brought amazing results in providing the required weight for our umbrellas in a compact and clean footprint.

Awnet is always tirelessly working to improve and offer new ideas that may help in different situations. We believe the Flat Weight system will be the perfect solution for many of our customers and are happy to announce that we are now equipped and ready to supply. CONTACT AWNET to find out more.

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