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All the latest Awnet news and information about market umbrellas and cafe barriers.

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The Best Branded Umbrellas

Superior Shade, Unmatched Branding: Discover Awnet’s Premium Branded Market Umbrellas In Australia’s searing summer, a shaded haven is...

The Dangers of Timber Umbrellas

A Call for Safety and Strength in Design Public spaces are often adorned with market umbrellas that offer shade and aesthetic appeal, but...

Top Outdoor Umbrellas 2024

Top Outdoor Umbrellas for 2024 Enjoying outdoor spaces becomes especially appealing with the arrival of sunny days. However, the intense...

Patio Umbrella for Outdoor Living

Elevate Your Exterior Spaces with a Patio Umbrella for outdoor living Transforming your outdoor area into a luxurious retreat is simple...

Commercial Umbrellas for Restaurants

Discover Why Your Restaurant Needs a Premium Umbrella Investing in high-grade commercial umbrellas is essential for any restaurant aiming...

Commercial Umbrellas For Hotels

Enhance Your Hotel’s Outdoor Space with Premium Commercial Umbrellas for Hotels Creating a welcoming outdoor seating area is essential...

Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows

Its hard to believe we are already half way through winter! You better start preparing for the sunshine. With sunshine comes outdoor...

Alfresco Advertising

Are these just umbrellas? Or are they effective brand advertising tools at the point of sale? What are you spending your marketing budget...

Springvale Morning

A fantastic panoramic photo from this morning of the new umbrellas at the Springvale Multicultural Centre, now installed in in-ground...

Wet Weather

Can you guess which Australian city this is? The weather is a dead giveaway. Awnet market umbrellas to shelter you from the elements.

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